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Extract Technology have launched an innovative Mobile Automated Glove Tester, providing an effective means of a controlled automated pressure test of gauntlets and cuffed assemblies.

Damage gauntlets and gloves are not always identified through visual inspection, therefore operator or product safety could be compromised. Extract’s user friendly multi glove port testing system ensures secure and reliable operation through rapid identification of leaks.

Constructed in 304 stainless steel, the system is capable of testing up to 6 glove ports at one time with the full cycle taking under 5 minutes, increasing efficiency of production cycles. To achieve this, the console creates a positive pressure inside each glove whilst monitoring the pressure via the units PLC system. This happens simultaneously no matter how many glove ports are chosen for the test.

Recorded process data from the duration of the test is available for transfer via USB memory stick for viewing on a remote PC. The report incorporates all the relevant set times and measured pressure data for each glove port test.

The Mobile Automated Glove Tester is a new addition to Extract’s standard products range and is available as an off the shelf item through the company’s After Market department.

Key Benefits of the system include:

Significant time saving
Rapid Identification of leaks
Full PDF report of system validation
Pre-delivery Inspection Documentation
O&M Manual
Simple Operation
Pre-loaded parameters for differing glove materials
Programmable custom parameters to suit specific needs
Standardised system with off the shelf replacement spare parts

4 Units available for immediate purchase

Stock Number: WP451293

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