Genesis Machinery West PW 500 Crimp Capper

The PW-500 Westcapper is a fully automated capper using
3 spinning rollers as the sealing mechanism. The hoppering
system uses a turning disk to select caps and transfer them
to the chute and the cap feed.

As the starwheel indexes, the stoppered vials pass under the
cap feed, pick a cap and vials progress to the sealing area.
The adjustable spring loaded bottle rest and a fixed pressure
block compress the stopper while the skirt of the cap is reformed
under the locking finish of the vial. The three spinning rollers
roll the skirt into place.

The starwheel now indexes the vial onto the discharge conveyor.
Vial flow is from left to right. Rolling casters are standard,

Depending on vial size, the capper has a maximum variable
speed of 120 vials per minute.

Fitted with 12 x 27.5mm wide x 12.5mm deep pockets in the
10″ diameter Capping Rotor sprocket, for capping 22-25mm
diameter bottles, currently set for 22mm diameter bottles.

The 3 off capping heads are 30mm in diameter.
The machine is fitted with a 26.5mm high guided 50mm wide
stainless steel mesh Infeed belt conveyor.
The conveyor infeed is 400mm long x 900mm high, and the
conveyor outfeed is 430mm long x 900mm high.
The removable cap feeding shute has an internal dimensions
of 26mm wide x 17mm high, for use with 25mm diameter x 15mm high caps.
The machine is mounted 4 off lockable swivel castors.

Removable Cap Infeed chute, which measures 360mm long x
100mm x 100mm, weighs approx 500g

Machine Winding Handle.

Removable plastic top guard, which measures 180 x 300 x 200mm high

Small Bag of Adjustment / Setting tools

Year of manufacture: 2003

Model: PW 500

Serial Number: P1187

Capacity speed: 120 CPM

Length: 1130mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 1750mm

Voltage: 240
Frequency: 50/60 Hertz
Phase: 1
Current:13 Amp plug

Machine is in excellent condition

A video of the machine running can be seen below

Stock Number: WP451130

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