IMA MATIC 2000/30 capsule filler

IMA MATIC 2000/30 capsule filler

Output up to 80000 an hour

Machine is capable of filling the following
capsule size 00-0-1-2-3-4-5

Machine is in good condition

Machine has the tooling for size 1,3 and 4 capsules

Manual is available

Stock Number WP451100


IMA Farmatic SC 1000 Capsule sorter

Capsule sorter with three sizes of capsule tooling

Size 1, 3, 4

Size of machine:

Length 1200mm
Width 760mm
Height 930mm

Weight 265 Kgs

The SC capsule sorter automatically selects any crushed or ovalized capsules.
The system consists of a capsule container placed near the machine, provided with a
continuous rotating wheel with calibrated holes so that only perfect capsules pass through.

Machine is in very good condition

Stock Number: WP451147

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