Marchesini BA100 Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoner


Marchesini BA100 Horizontal intermittent motion cartoner

Horizontal intermittent motion cartoner, specifically designed
for medium production rates cartoning applications.
The machines is suitable for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic,
food and consumers products industry.

Carton erection is carried out by the traditional blade
opening system, which guaranties optimal operation
with the widest range of cartons and cardboard quality;

Change over is simple and fast.

Great reliability and duration, mechanical sturdiness.

Machines comes with:

GUK-leaflet folder

Laetus 6012 code reader (No cameras)

Deboss coder


up to 100 cartons/minute

Width “A”: from 20 to 110 mm, pitch 130 mm

Height “B”: from 12 to 55 mm

Length “H”: from 55 to 170 mm

The machine can be modified to suit your requirements.

We can modify the infeed system or change the carton closing.

We have many product feeders in stock this includes:

Sachet Feeders
Bottle Feeders
Blister Feeders
Tube Feeders

We also can offer a complete electrical and mechanical
refurbishment service for all our machinery.

Stock Number: WP451279

Please contact us with your requirements

Phone: +44 (0) 1202 870 890


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