Marchesini MA255 Refurbishment and Modification

Marchesini MA255 Refurbishment and Modification

This machine under went full electrical and partial
mechanical refurbishment.

The machine was changed from a blister cartoner
to a bottle cartoner.

The machine was fitted with a an automatic spoon feeder
previously fitted by West Pharmaservices to another
IMA cartoner.

The machine size range was also extended to
meet the requirements of the customer.

The machine had the following specification:

Label detection by 2 Omron cameras on bottle infeed

Scroll infeed with three sets of change parts for different bottles

Automatic spoon feeder

Extended leaflet magazine

Leaflet insertion

Code reader for carton and leaflets

Leaflet in carton detection

Reject system with reject confirmation

Emboss coder

Reverse tuck closure

Rejects bins for bottles/Leaflets/Rejects

Machine was refurbished, modified. installed and
commissioned in the six months time quoted.

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