Machinery Refurbishment, Upgrades & Modifications

West Pharmaservices have carried out 100s of machinery refurbishments in the past 20 years setting the standard for many other companies including OEMs to follow. A refurbished machine from West Pharmaservices in many ways surpasses the original machine as we update new electrical systems and add additional mechanical parts to improve both performance and decrease change over times.

A rebuilt machine has a range of benefits including:

• Delivery time in usually half in comparison to an OEM for a new machine
• Machine is built to as new standards
• Reduce the environmental impact extending machinery life cycle
• Latest mechanical and electronics utilised
• Machines are updated to the newest BSI standards and CE Marked accordingly
• New PLC and HMI with ease of use for operator and technical staff being key
• 20 years of experience covering a range of OEM manufacturers machinery

Many of our customers have existing machinery that can be refurbished and updated at our factory in many cases due to our high level of stock machinery we can usually supply a machine to cover the refurbishment period.

Please see examples of refurbished machinery below.


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