WEST ASF50C Automatic Robotic Syringe Feeder

We are proud to introduce our first fully designed built
and installed automatic robotic syringe feeder.

The WEST ASF50C is able to be retrofitted to any
existing cartoner.

The machine is able to sort and feed customers syringes,
from our bespoke bulk syringe unscrambler feeder and
pick and place the syringes arranging there orientation and
placement in mid work flow.

The system was designed with the help of our technology
partners Omron. This ensures maximum efficiency and ease
of use.

This system was fitted to a customers existing Marchesini
MA255 cartoner.

The robotic feeder has managed to replace the need of manual
insertion of syringes meaning a quick ROI and packaging staff
can be moved on to other areas of production.

For more information on this Robotic feeding solution or
if you have any other robotic feeding requirements please
contact us.

Phone: +44 (0) 1202 870 890

Email: sales@westpharmaservices.co.uk

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