WEST Freeze dryer loader and transport system

This system was designed and manufactured to meet the needs of a Pharmaceutical manufacturer in the UK

The unit consisted of a transfer system from the existing filling machine to LAF transfer cart then onto a lifting unit to place the trays of product on to different height  shelves within the freeze dryer. The purpose of the machinery was to limit the use of manual operator process to allow for more product stability though manufacture.

The unit was built with a range of variables to contend with including the introduction of particle counting technology to monitor this during the entire process as well as maintaining stability throughout the process of transfer.

System Performance Requirements

  • Environment within Freeze Dryer Loader must achieve EU Grade A for classification
    purposes (NVP) at working height
  • Environment within the Passive Freeze drier loading RABS must achieve EU Grade
    A (Viable)
  • Airflow velocity of 0.45m/s (±20%) 150mm below HEPA filter face and working


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