West Pick and Place PP60

West Pick and Place PP60

Pick and place in feed system that can be used to pick a variety of products and place them onto conveyors or directly into cartoning machinery.

•A floor mounted pick and place unit, with an independent drive motor, integral feed conveyor and custom guarding to suit both the unit and the loading area.

• A bespoke product control system as a means of holding back the supply of bottles/product once the pick off area has been supplied.

• An adjustable backstop on the conveyor to allow all sizes and quantities of bottles to be positioned in an appropriate place for pickoff.

• Drive behind both the horizontal and vertical movement will be provided through mechanical means (cams/levers). This will provide a robust, reliable and repeatable operation.

• An electrical system with an inverter for the main drive motor, contactor/overload for the conveyor motor, PILZ relay for dual circuit guard switch/es, intelligent relay, and phase cams for the pick and place, gripper and backstop operational timings.

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