CAM PMM Intermittent motion horizontal cartoner

CAM PMM Intermittent motion horizontal cartoner

The PMM is a compact and versatile cartoner with minimal formats parts and very quick change over times.

Set up for tuck closure cartons

Cartoner is in good condition and is available for immediate delivery.

Year of manufacture: 2009

Stock Number: WP451339

The machine can be modified and upgraded to suit your requirements.

Upgrades can include:

  • Change parts manufactured
  • Glue closure unit installation
  • Prefolded Leaflet inserter installation
  • Coding system
  • Pharma code systems

Additionally we have a range of automatic product feeders in stock that can be fitted these include:

  • Sachet Feeders
  • Bottle Feeders
  • Blister Feeders
  • Tube Feeders

We are also able to design and build special purpose automatic feeders including robotic systems

Please contact us for a quotation.

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