The WEST PCR has been designed to be a
compact palletizing solution for end of line
packaging. Palletizers are larger in size and a lot
less flexible. The use of a collaborative robot in
this case has reduced the footprint to below 45%
of the usual size found on lines around the globe.

The use of the collaborative robot also means that
additional guarding is not required as all safety
features are contained within the unit itself. This
also means a continuous workflow between robot
and operator as the operator can remove a
complete pallet without the need stop the system.

The system has been designed to be self-contained
meaning an internal vacuum pump is integrated
meaning no external air supply is needed. The
design is easy to install and can be operational
within hours not days. The system can be deployed
to different lines when required.


• Compact design and flexible operation

• Collaborative and continuous production

• No guarding required

• System is easy to move around factory

• Quick return on investment

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